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The 8th Fire
One Earth * One Whole Circle * Again

The Movie

The prophecy of the 8th fire is one of many ancient prophecies that refer to the year 2012 and the years directly preceding it...

To the Aztecs this is the time of the 6th sun, a time of transformation and the creation of a new race,

To the Mayans it is the end of time as we know it,

To the Incas it is the time of meeting ourselves again.

In Egypt, according to the Great Pyramid [stone calendar] the present time cycle ends in the year 2012.

The calendars of both the Mayans and the Cherokee end in 2012.

Dave Courchene Jr., whose traditional name means LEADING EARTH MAN is an Elder and spiritual advisor from the Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan. Descended from a long line of chiefs and leaders of his people, he felt "Compelled by forces beyond his control" to quit his job as an educator and go on a ceremonial expedition of peace around the world.

Through his dreams, and visions, the experiences of others who have accompanied him on his journey and the words of the visionaries--past and present, we bring you THE 8TH FIRE One Earth * One Whole Circle * Again

A vision of hope.... for the future......for the Earth…...for the children

Premiere: October 13, 2007 Austin, Texas
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