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For those of us who remember when we were Spirits
Who remember that we are Spirits
We understand that we are on this Spirit Journey
The Circle of Life which starts in the Spirit World
And which takes us back there
- Chief Noel Starblanket
Starblanket: A Spirit Journey is about
the Indian Way now returning: the
reverence for nature, the Elders,
community, ceremony, the Circle of
Life. And it is also about healing,
forgiveness, peace and turning
inward... a message for our time.
Starblanket: A Spirit Journey is a spiritually
inspired documentary. Educational and
informative, emotional and joyful, it is
infused with the wisdom of the Elders-- their
words and voices are woven throughout.
The Native American soundtrack, both
traditional and contemporary, is a healing
journey in and of itself.
Starblanket: A Spirit Journey is The Circle
of Life, the return of the ancient teachings,
and the Seventh Generation. It is hope for
the future and a reminder of what we have
long since forgotten and though it is one
man's story, it is everyone's journey
We are especially grateful to the following
Chief Noel Starblanket for sharing his life
story, his culture and traditions, so eloquently
and honestly, Anishinabe Elder, Dave
Courchene /Leading Earth Man for his
beautiful voiceovers and the spiritual energy
he brings through, and Tom Bee, owner of
Sound of America Records for his generosity
and guidance with the music and his belief in
this project.
And to the many, many people who
contributed their music, their photographs,
their assistance and their support...
Thank you!