November 7, 2010
35th annual American Indian Film Festival
San Francisco, California



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Sacred Teachings for the People of the Earth... from the Center


The whole world is coming,
A nation is coming, a nation is coming
The eagle has brought this message to the tribe
The father says so, the father says so...

- from a Sioux Ghost Dance song

We are people of the heart. We sit in the direction of the East, of the Rising Sun and of the Beginning. This is where our great Creator had put us.

We come forward in a most humble way, in a most loving way, in a most respectful way, in a most honest way to share these 7 teachings with the world because in our heart we believe that if we do not share this then we stand to lose all that has been created for us.

Prophecy said there would be a white brother who would discover what would help validate our way of life and we have this warrior here today.

I know that he understands what we believe and what we’re trying to do so today it is important that we show that we understand that our people are being represented and he represents his people and that we have reached that level of really understanding each other, loving each other---that we are prepared now to move forward in building a better, more peaceful, more loving world.

It was prophesized by our visionaries that we would find our way back to the center and as we made our way back to the center, we would invite all of our brothers and sisters to join us and we have the representation of the original 4 races here with us today—as we celebrate this spirit of peace…

All we need to do is continue to become the will of our great spirit and to help fulfill his great plan... because he has given us everything we need... to make our way back to the center.

-- excerpts from Manitou Api ~ Where The Sun Rises